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Welcome to Oracle Education

Does your classroom or school have an interest in animals? 

Our most popular learning resources are our living ones. We visit schools and early childhood centres across Auckland with our amazing pets and exotic animals. We cater to all ages and levels with hands on workshops and animal encounters.

Students take part in a variety of activities including creating animal habitats, grooming, health checks, diet preparation, handling and lots more.  There is no better way to learn about the living world than through living examples. Workshops and encounters are a fun learning experience with an emphasis on respect and kindness towards animals.

We provide age appropriate interactive workshops covering everything from pet care to biology topics. Preschool visits centre on 'how to be around animals' and are engaging and fun for children and staff alike. 

More information here or phone Sally on 09 414 7937 to book or find out more

We also do the best children's parties ever! Visit our party website at to find out more